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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What are the reasons for mountain biking?

Mounting Biking is for fun
Mountain biking will be contrast with hiking. Both have their niche and the choice is ours. We can do both. In the end, it’s matter of personal preference. Relative to hiking, mountain biking might be for fun. The wind in our face, the feeling of speed…. Speed compresses the time interval between successive events such as turns, drops, and climbs and we are forced to think ahead while controlling the bike. The combined mental and physical challenge makes mountain biking fun.

Mountain biking is for exercise
Mountain biking is a great low impact, cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic activity, which increases our metabolism, is the best way to burn calories. Aerobic activity also strengthens our heart, lungs and legs muscles. Our blood’s capacity to carry oxygen and nutrients is increased, producing stamina. In this regard, cycling is similar to running.

We can use bike’s gears to regulate the intensity of our cardiovascular workout. Using lower gears for an easy spin brings our heart and respiration rates up to sustainable levels for long periods. Or, use the big gears and feel the burn on short, intense rides.

Because of cardiovascular benefits, some have discovered that biking makes an excellent adjunct spot to other activities, such as hiking and backpacking.

Mountain biking as a challenge
Once the sole province of young daredevils, men and women of all ages are now getting into the sport. Part of the attraction is the challenge that comes from the interaction between bike and rider. If we accept this challenge and work at it, our skills will improve. Everyone has personal limits, but practice and tenacity will soon have our riding trails that we once found intimidating. Overcoming these challenges produces a lot of thrills and also provides a sense of accomplishment.
What are the reasons for mountain biking?

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