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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Triceps muscles

Muscles can only pull; they cannot push. There are two muscles along the upper arm: the biceps and triceps.

The triceps is attached to the ulna. When the triceps contracts, it gets shorter and fatter. This pulls on its tendon, which pulls the ulna. The lower arm drops.

The main function of the triceps group is to extend the forearm. All three heads are involved, regardless of the position of the hands and shoulders.

The large triceps muscle consists of three heads long, lateral and medial. The long and lateral heads provide most of the surface from so the posterior upper arm and form prominent bulge just distal to the rounded contour of the deltoid.

Although focusing specifically on the triceps muscles is an efficient way to train them, particularly for beginners, the triceps are best put to use in heavy lifts. Developing them can help to perform multipoint exercise with greater loads and intensities, especially those that work the chest and shoulders.

The triceps muscles relay contributed to the effort when a person lifts heavy weights for the upper body.
Triceps muscles

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