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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Drink warm water in the morning

Every morning after rising, drink one glass of warm water. This will help to end the ‘drought’ of the night and increase the regularity of the bowel movement.

Studies have shown that warm water first thing in the morning will flushing the kidneys, help the bowels move regularly and naturally, and prepare the stomach for food by stimulating the glands on its’ walls.

The warm water also promotes peristalsis, the contraction of muscles in the colon that keeps waste and fat moving along the digestive tract and out of the body for elimination. Very hot water should be avoided since it increases appetite.
A little while later, drink a second glass of warm water, but add a teaspoon of honey and juice from one or two slices of fresh lemon.

This helps remove a harmful, bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract and assist the intestines in eliminating any accumulated waste material. The vitamin C in the lemon juice can helps produce glutathione, which helps the liver to process toxins and eliminate them. Wait for at least 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

It is also recommended to drink warm water or tea with meals and after meals.
Drink warm water in the morning
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