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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Biological theory of sleep

Trouble sleeping is the most common trigger for an episode of anxiety depression or even more severe mental illness. Stress may have caused the sleep problem, but it is often inadequate sleep that tips people into illness.

Sleep well may lead to a quick recovery, and improving sleep is often the only intervention needed if it is done early enough.

Several biological theories of sleep have been proposed. One suggests that sleep plays a role in the growth process a notion consistent with the finding that the pituitary gland releases growth hormones during sleep.

Although the body seems quiet during deep sleep, the chemistry lab of the brain is in high gear, replenishing the neuro-chemicals that control all the body’s functions, including mood, heartbeat and digestion. And the greatest amount of cellular repair in the body occurs during deep sleep.

Researchers have also observed changes in neuron activity in other areas of the brain during sleep, including the reticular formation and the pons, as well as the forebrain region.

Another biological theory, the restorative theory sleep, suggest that sleep allows the brain and body to restore certain depleted chemical resources, while eliminating chemical wastes that have accumulated during the waking day.
Biological theory of sleep

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