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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Tramping: Long Distance Walking

Tramping involves walking with a deliberate and weighty stride over extensive distances or durations. The term "tramp" originates from a Middle English expression that signifies walking with substantial footfalls and participating in hiking.

Those who partake in tramping typically carry a backpack, rain attire, and potentially supplies for cooking and sleeping.

Tramping is more akin to trekking than traditional hiking, as it frequently encompasses traversing greater distances across rough and secluded landscapes. While the phrase "tramping" can also denote challenging day walks, its primary usage pertains to journeys spanning multiple days.

One benefit is its capability to cultivate stabilizing muscles within the legs and core, resulting in improved balance. Furthermore, tramping reinforces various other muscle clusters, encompassing those in the arms and back. Essentially, it offers comprehensive exercise for practically all major muscle groups in the body.
Tramping: Long Distance Walking

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