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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Isokinetic exercise

Dynamic exercises produce muscle fibre lengthening and/or shortening, allowing the joint to move through a range of motion and generate a force. The combination of low resistance and high repetitions enhances endurance.

Isokinetic exercise, a form of dynamic exercise, is done on machines that control the velocity of joint movement. Isokinetic exercise can be defined as an exercise with an accommodating resistance and a fixed speed.

Since the machines provide resistance proportional to muscle strength at each point in the range, the machine speeds controls the muscle torque.

Theoretically, if an individual is putting forth a maximum effort during each repetition of exercise the contracting muscle produces variable but maximum force output, consistent with muscles variable tension-generating capabilities at all portions in the range of movement.

The clinical advantages of isokinetic exercise include the ability to control the velocity of movement of the exercising limb segment, the accommodating resistance that allows for maximal muscle loading the ROM, and the quantitative nature of performance assessment afforded by computer interfacing.
Isokinetic exercise

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