People today are living healthy lives. Lifestyle change, public health improvements, and improved health care have combined to extend longevity. In order to minimize stress and perform efficiently it is really important that the person maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Monday, November 02, 2020

20 minutes exercise

Exercise can help reduce the risks of many diseases. By exercising 20 minutes a day average, the person can reduce his craving for the wrong kinds of foods that result from his life stresses.

Whether the person doing an endurance exercise like running or just taking a walk around the block, his muscles need fuel to burn. Human body has two ways to create energy. Human body can turn fat into energy, or it can turn blood sugar, glucose, into energy. But it can't do both at the same time. At any time, body is either burning fat, or blood sugar.

When individual energy demand is low, his body burns fat. When the persons are walking, working at his desk, driving a car, and even sleeping - the demand for energy is low so the body is burning fat.

The physiological process of fat burning occurs when fats are liberated from adipocytes into circulation to supply the needed energy.

How it works? In response to the movement, certain hormones, including epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine, get released from the adrenal glands, and the blood levels of these hormones start to rise.

The hormones circulate around the body and attach to special hormone receptors on the adipocytes. Once attached to the receptors on the adipocytes, a complex chain of biochemical events takes place in the cell, signaling the adipocyte that the body needs fuel. It is, the adipocyte receives the signal and processes the stored fat, mobilizes it, and sends it out of storage and into the bloodstream.

But as soon as his activity levels increase – his body turns to blood sugar since fat cannot be converted into energy quickly enough.

Exercise is an all-around great habit to pick up and maintain. It benefits the person body in three main ways:
*Flattens the abs
*Improves overall health
*Boosts body metabolism
20 minutes exercise

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