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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Outdoor bouldering

In general, there are three primary styles of rock climbing: bouldering, sport climbing, and trad climbing. Bouldering is climbing without a rope on boulders, cliffs or indoor climbing walls where a fall is unlikely to result in injury. Bouldering is considered by many to be the purest form of rock climbing.

It is limited in height and for which fall safety can be achieved by the provision of an impact absorbing system, by a spotter providing control of a fall or by a combination of these measures.

In the 1950s, John Gill led the development of bouldering, a style of rock climbing on boulders (usually less than 20ft (6m) tall), where the climber uses a pad to protect falls.

Bouldering is the climbing equivalent of the 100m sprint. Risk, stamina, exposure and ropework are removed from the equation and the focus is on movement rather than getting to the top by any means.

It can be a fun, sociable and enjoyable way to engage with climbing and is one of the most common starting points for novice climbers.

Gear is minimal, only requiring shoes, a chalk bag, and a pad. Given its small financial investment, many climbers find bouldering to be an approachable starting spot.

Bouldering is one of the safest forms of rock climbing and serious injuries are rare. However, it should be considered low risk rather than risk free.

Outdoor bouldering can take a multitude of forms, from low level, fun problems above a soft, flat, grassy surface, to serious highballs above boulder fields, which should be considered as solo climbs. Bouldering may consist of only a few very difficult moves; a comparably difficult sport climb may involve dozens of more moderate moves.

As boulderers don’t use a rope to protect themselves they rarely climb high above the ground. The average boulder problem is about four meters high.
Outdoor bouldering

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